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    Hubei Dongfeng JiaHua Auto Parts Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "company") is a company founded in 2010, the main production and operation car engine bearings, CAM shaft bushing, thrust sheets and mechanical bushing of auto parts enterprises.Company is located in shiyan city, hubei province zhangwan avenue on the left side of the bay area construction, the company formerly known as dongfeng parts group piston bearing co., LTD. (founded in 1970, formerly known as the second automobile bearing factory), March 11, 2010 dongfeng piston bearing co., LTD and zhejiang jiahua machinery industrial co., LTD. The two sides 10million RMB has the qualifications of independent legal person co., LTD., now has become a specialized production and operation of dongfeng parts group, thrust bearing, thrust tile, bushing only backbone enterprises.Industrial company covers an area of 40000 square meters, construction area of 19000 square meters, fixed assets of 32.6 million RMB, with all kinds of machinery, power equipment 205 units (sets), the existing staff of 140 people, the main products for the dongfeng commercial vehicle, dongfeng cummins, dpca, dongfeng passenger car, engine plant in nanchong, changan psa Peugeot Citroen company support main engine plant such as suppliers, the company's products cover 1.3-13 litres, light in weight, gasoline engine, diesel engine, the car series.The company scale of production capacity of 75 million pieces.In 2015, expanding market share, to further improve industry competitiveness.

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